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Hand in Hand Parenting is an evidence-based approach structured around five trauma-informed tools that foster warm, responsive, respectful relationships. Our Tools help families,  caregivers and educators build a stronger parent-child connection. This strong emotional bond is the hallmark of happy, well-adjusted families. It’s also the soundest way to a better society.

Hand in Hand Parenting offers the best way I have found to raise healthy children and build a healthy world. Helping children feel connected and joyful is the surest strategy I know for building a better future.
- Joe Hudson, David & Barbara Jacobs Foundation

A secure caregiver-child relationship is the foundation for healthy development.                           - Gray, SAO, Forbes, D, Briggs-Gowan MJ, & Carter AS, 2015


Commit to changing the world of parenting

Every moment you spend parenting is a moment spent doing work that’s vital, important, and that has lasting value. We need to remind one another often: parenting is vital. It’s real work. It’s complex work. It takes many millions of moments to nurture a child; We hope you’ll remember the importance of your work, and that you will help the parents around you remember, too. - Patty Wipfler, Founder, Hand in Hand Parenting

As a parent, caregiver or educator, you may have been feeling isolated, under-resourced, and burned out. Children are experiencing big feelings and behaviors that can be challenging to respond to. When overwhelmed or stressed, it's hard to connect and provide the support children and families need.

For over 30 years, Hand in Hand Parenting has been on a world-wide mission to change that. We've helped thousands of parents and professionals build a stronger parent-child connection while providing the emotional support you need to do this important job.

We are committed to supporting you in learning, implementing and mastering the Hand in Hand approach through community, classes and resources. To get started, join the Hand in Hand Network. Then choose your community and level of support.  

  • Parent Club Community  - Weekly Support calls, Coaching-on-Demand and a vibrant Discussion Group
  • Work with a Certified Instructor in our foundational Starter Class.   
  • Find Self-Guided Classes and Listening To Children Booklets.  
  • Training is offered for Professionals, Early Childhood Educators and for those who wish to become a Certified Instructor. 

Within our Network of experienced Instructors, supportive peers, effective courses and powerful Listening Tools, you'll develop confidence as you deepen your connection to the children in your life, resulting in more peace and cooperation in your family and community. We are here for you - especially when child-raising gets hard - and we are committed to making it a little easier, even more fun!

Relationships that are ‘connecting’ and allow for collaboration appear
to offer children a wealth of interpersonal closeness that supports
the development of many domains, including social,
emotional, and cognitive functioning.

Daniel J. Siegel, 2001


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